What follows is an abridged listing of the release order of all major publications from Michael David Anderson. 

For those interested in reading in his fiction's chronological order, this is the best tool to decipher this information.

A Heresy is a major release.

A Sin is a minor release or project between Heresies.

Heresy 1.00

        Fire & Ice
        poetry book

Heresy 2.00

        Delusions of Grandeur & Illusions of Eloquence
        poetry book

Sin 2.24

        screenplay co-written by Hank Ables


Heresy 3.00

        Imperfect Symmetry
        poetry book

Heresy 4.00

        Eternal Dissonance
        screenplay, book


Heresy 5.00

        Tennessee Refugee
        poetry book


Heresy 6.00

        Unforeseen Consequences
        short fiction anthology/audio books

Heresy 7.00

        "The Studios"
        short story, iBooks

Sin 7.19

        short story, Twisted Shorties II (anthology)

Sin 7.20

        "To The Hall of Time"
        poem, Twisted Shorties II (anthology)

Heresy 8.00

        Wasted Days
        poetry book

Heresy 9.00


Heresy 10.00

        short story

Heresy 11.00


Heresy 12.00


Sin 12.01

        "Inside Out"
        screenplay, additional material only, Snow Global Productions


Sin 12.02

        The Cleaner: A Silo Story
        short story, Kindle Worlds


Sin 12.03

        NOVELLA, Inn Between Worlds, Vol. 1


Sin 12.04

        "The Consequences of Wish Fulfillment"
        short story, Collateral Damage: A Superhero Anthology


Heresy 13.00

        In the House of Wolves


Sin 13.01

        screenplay, 2018-2019 draftS, story co-written by Hank Ables and Chelsea Nicole Lambert


Heresy 14.00

        "Inside Out"
        short story


Sin 14.01