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the cleaner: a Silo story

Chloe Zayets is a dishwasher in the kitchens of the Silo. When the death of a friend turns her world upside down, she becomes aware of a threat to the Silo - a threat that could prove to be their downfall!

Set in the world of Hugh Howey's Silo Saga, The Cleaner is republished with permission from Hugh Howey.

“An amazing addition to the [Silo] saga.”
-Whitney, Goodreads reviewer


inside out

A former musician seeks revenge on the man who ruined her life.

”The pacing is on point, the story locked in my interest immediately, and the twist was unexpected.”
-Will Hobson, Amazon reviewer

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inside out: the short film

From Snow Global Productions
Starring Brenna Bentley and Brandon Bell
Directed by Terry Snow

“Everything a short thriller should be. Creepy soundtrack, questionable characters, twist ending.”
-Michael Shibley, Amazon reviewer


in the house of wolves

Something happened…

Axl Wolf, son of Stephen and Samantha Wolf, dies under mysterious circumstances. His mother remembers nothing of that fateful night and spends six months in an institution. Stephen lives in their new home—a house with a sordid history—with only the family dog Merlyn for company.

Something has changed…

Samantha comes home to a life she no longer understands and begins to witness bizarre phenomena within the house she cannot explain.

Something has waited…
And it will do everything in its power to destroy everything they know and hold dear…


”Edge of your seat, couldn’t stop reading.”
-Matthew Malone, Amazon reviewer